The first trip hasn’t a set date, but several locations are all mapped out around Central Texas.

This thing about traveling over many miles on a bicycle has been a “want – to – do” of mine for many years.  Why I didn’t do it in my 20’s is beyond me.  It’s something you have to do when you have time.  And the time between service in the Air Force to an aborted college run to an airline career never amounted to much.   Now at 51, I am getting the gear together.  Gear that will last a long time, and with which I can use to not only enjoy touring on a bicycle, but tour with a purpose.

The bike and gear are a mix of old and new.   I bought my Bridgestone RB-2 in 1991.  It has seen a few miles, been well maintained and has been upgraded with a Shimano Sora triple crankset and Xero 8-speed rear hub and wheels which work great in Austin’s hills.  It is a great commuter bike and feels like an extension of my soul when on the road.  I guess the Bridgestone is one of the more satisfying possessions I’ve ever had.   For conversion from “Road” to “Touring” bike,  I went back to 28c tires from Panasonic.  The RB-2 came with 28c tires, but I thought the higher pressure 23c Continentals were great for speedier rides. Now I don’t think they made much of a difference.  The new 28’s feel great on the road and under load.

"ortleib panniers,  extrawheel bicycle trailer,  touring

The Extrawheel trailer is something new to me.  I look forward to my first overnight ride.   It will only be 16 miles to the campsite for my shake-down ride,  so I can get used to feeling a loaded bike and estimate speeds to be expected on the longer stretches.   I’ll be testing some more new products along the way, so I hope you’ll check back soon.