ABUS BORDO Combo – a great choice for city, commuter and touring cyclists

 Introducing the ABUS BORDO Combo 90cm  – also available in keyed versions and in various sizes and colors.

The ABUS BORDO is very popular in the EU. and is available everywhere.

ABUS BORDO comes with a dedicated holster which can be mounted to the frame or easily carried in a

backpack or handlebar bag.

bicycle lock, ABUS BORDO Combo

ABUS BORDO mounted atop the frame, as shown on the author’s commuter road bike.

It is easy to set the combination and release with a button.  This lock works like a folding ruler, taking up much less space than

a standard U-lock, yet it’s high quality steel construction makes it as tough as most u-locks.



 I bought this lock from The Peddler – one of many great bicycle shops in Austin, Texas.












Price:  MRSP $130.00  Weight:  Approx. 2.2lbs or 1 kg.


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