LIGHTS – Get The BEST and Add Them Up For Bicycle Safety

The first bicycle I bought was a yellow Schwinn Varsity, back in the early 1970s.  It was my prized possession, and yet since my parents made me leave it at the weekend lake house to keep me off city streets and close to home during the school months – security was never a concern. Although I seldom rode the bicycle at night, I wouldn’t have seen many cars in the neighborhood after hours anyway – so a wheel driven, generator powered light was good enough.

Now that I’m living in the city, cycling 26 – 28 miles to work in the predawn hours, security and safety go hand in hand.  I want to be seen, and have tried to keep up with available lighting systems.  AJs Cyclery in NW Austin had just what I needed.  After using the Serfas True 500 headlight, I though why not up the ante and buy a Serfas 750 headlamp.  These are a great combination, and actually worth more than my commuter bike would be to anyone else, so a word to the wise; take the lights with you whenever you lock up the bike and leave it unattended.  People will steal your lights.  Sad but true.  I also believe in multiple lights front and rear to add steady and flashing lights seen from a mile away, even in daylight.

Serfas headlamps – safety in numbers,  Serfas True 500 and Serfas 750 lumen lights as shown.

Having one flashing and one steady headlamp is great in the city.  Cross traffic can sense your presence even before you arrive at an intersection because – at night, the drivers can see your flasher reflecting off street signs.



Tail lights should be in multiples of two or more, particularly if you have a commute of over an hour.



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