Happy 2022! Changes coming … A new category, comments section planned for AdBirds

We have all had a rough year. A year ago yours truly had a Covid 19 diagnosis on my birthday. The silver lining for me was loss of appetite. Covid 19 re-wired my cravings, and I lost a lot of weight. Eating properly and drinking a LOT less beer has transformed my life and energy levels for the better. Thanks for that. However, many people have lost their lives and even more had outcomes making their recovery difficult or incomplete. We have a long road ahead, adjusting to a very well – engineered viral killer. For all of you, I just want to send out virtual hugs and sincere empathy.

It has been a minute plus about 13 years since we developed the AdBirds.com website. Recently after having my own comments unfairly moderated on other platforms, I started looking for ways to upgrade, optimize or find a partner for this thing of ours. It occurred that I could simply add an Opinion category to our site and upgrade that with a comments section to be enabled or disabled by the user.

Ok I am half way there. Or so it seems. What we need now is a new partner – and a programmer who will be the next developer on the team here at AdBirds.com and the sooner the better.

Randall Stephens, #AdBirds Founder


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